Vocal Metamor­phosis

A project of CCC with artistic moderation of Daniel Aschwanden, Pavel Naydenov and netzzeit in collaboration - among others - with Nava Hemyari

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Rosas Pandan –
arr. George G. Hernandez; comp. Minggoy Lopez

Fair Phyllis I saw – John Farmer, 1565 – 1605

Weep, o mine eyes – John Bennet, 1599

Bre Petrunko –
arr. Plamen Arabov

Lux Aurumque – Eric Whitacre, 2000

Etudi iii – Nava Hemyari, 2020

Construction Choir Collective ­ - aka. CCC - is a low-threshold, open and democratic collective creating artistic work.

The choir and its members feel obliged to express solidarity with one another and towards society and therefore embrace the participation of inexperienced singers. In a poetic way the project “Vocal Metamorphosis” will open up new possibilities to hear, see and feel public spaces differently. The combination of diverse artistic practices and the desire to sing will create these new perspectives. To raise one’s voice is the basis of freedom of expression in every democratic society and is articulated in relation to the artistic moderation of Daniel Aschwanden, Pavel Naydenov and netzzeit in collaboration with the electroacoustic composer Nava Hemyari.

From now on you can stream the CCC-video via our homepage, which was published first at the SoHo in Ottakring-Festival.


SOHO in Ottakring Festival 2020


Daniel Aschwanden, Sofie Binder, Lene Benz, Frank Daubenfeld, Katharina Diwold, Barbara Eichhorn, Ekaterina Georgieva, Milena Georgieva, Johanna Gratzer, Laura Heym, Klimentina Hristova, Magdalena Hubauer, Florian Jauernig, Noah Jendrzejek, Melanie Lieskonig, Sarah Martin, Ana Mumladze, Marlies Müller, Pavel Naydenov, Max Scheidl, Anna Schreinlechner, Katharina Spanlang, Raphael Volkmer, Zuzanna Zajac, Alexandra Ziegler

Artistic Moderation

Daniel Aschwanden, Pavel Naydenov and netzzeit


Nava Hemyari

choir conductor

Pavel Naydenov

production assistant

Max Scheidl, Karoline Suntinger


Lisa-Maria Hollaus

post production

Klimentina Hristova, Lisa-Maria Hollaus


Klimentina Hristova, Max Scheidl


"On Free Speech and Struggles Around it"


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(c) netzzeit

(c) netzzeit

(c) netzzeit